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Works I Have Conducted

Shorter Choral works

Adler, Samuel,          The Twenty-Third Psalm

Aguiar, Ernani,          Salmo 150

Anglea, Peter,          Jubilate Deo

anon,         Angelus ad virginem

anon,         Dona Nobis Pacem

anon ,         Alleluia, Psallat

anon (arr. Greenberg),          Dadme albricias, hijos d'Eva

anon (arr. Greenberg),          E la don don, verges Maria

anon (arr. Greenberg),          Riu, Riu Chiu

Bach, Johann S.,          Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light

Bach, Johann S.,          Dona Nobis Pacem (from Mass in b)

Bach, Johann S.,          Wachet Auf

Bach, Johann S. (arr. Swingle),          Aria

Bach, Johann S. (arr. Swingle),          Bouree

Bach, PDQ,          Art of the Ground Round

Bach, PDQ,          Constant Lover, The

Bach, PDQ,          Farewell, Ungrateful Traitor

Bach, PDQ,          Good King Kong

Bach, PDQ,          It Was a Lover

Bach, PDQ,          My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth

Bach, PDQ,          O Little Town of Hackensack

Bach, PDQ,          Passionate Shepherd, The

Bach, PDQ,          Song to Celia

Bach, PDQ,          Throw the Yule Log on

Bach, PDQ,          To His Coy Mistress

Bach, PDQ,          To the Virgins

Bach, PDQ,          Who is Sylvia?

Bach, PDQ,          Why So Pale and Wan

Banchieri,  Adriano       Counterpoint of the Animals

Barber, Samuel,          Reincarnations

Bartok, Bela,          Four Slovak Folksongs

Bassett, Leslie,          Collect

Bassett, Leslie,          Emerald

Bateson, Thomas,          Phyllis, Farewell

Beethoven, Ludwig,          Come, Fill, Fill, My Good Fellow

Beethoven, Ludwig,          Hallelujah (from Mount of Olives)

Beethoven, Ludwig,          Signor Abbate

Beethoven, Ludwig van,          Auld Lang Syne

Beethoven, Ludwig van,          Come Fill My Good Fellow

Beethoven, Ludwig van,          Sally in Our Alley

Beethoven, Ludwig van,          The Highland Watch

Ben-Haim, Paul,          Benediction

Bennet, John,          Weep, O Mine Eyes

Berlin, Irving (arr. Ringwald),          Give Me Your Tired

Berlin, Irving (arr. Boutelle & Jacobson),          God Bless America

Bernstein, Leonard,          Almighty Father

Bernstein, Leonard,          America

Bernstein, Leonard,          Cool

Bernstein, Leonard,          I Feel Pretty

Bernstein, Leonard,          It Must Be So (Candide)

Bernstein, Leonard,          Life Is Happiness (Candide)

Bernstein, Leonard,          Make Our Garden Grow

Bernstein, Leonard,          Mass (excerpts)

Bernstein, Leonard,          My Darlin' Eileen

Bernstein, Leonard,          Sanctus

Bernstein, Leonard,          The Best of All Possible Worlds (Candide)

Bernstein, Leonard,          Warmup

Bernstein, Leonard,          West Side Story Medley

Bernstein, Leonard,          Wrong Note Rag

Biggs, John,          Train

Billings, William,          And Suddenly There Was

Billings, William,          Anthem for Thanksgiving, An

Billings, William,          Lamentation over Boston

Billings, William,          Lord Gave the Word, The 

Billings, William,          Shepherds' Carol

Billings, William,          Virgin Unspotted, A

Billings, William,          When Jesus Wept

Bizet, Georges,          Habanera

Bizet, Georges,          The Torreador Song

Boyar, Horace,          Bringing In the Sheaves

Boyar, Horace,          It's My Desire

Boyd, Jack,          When the Terms of Peace are Made

Brahms, Johannes,          How Lovely

Brahms, Johannes,          Lass dich nur nichts nich dauren

Brahms, Johannes,          Liebeslieder Walzer

Brahms, Johannes,          Neue Liebeslieder Walzer

Bright, Huston,          Te Deum

Brown, Richard,          Cat Catch, A

Brubeck,          Shout unto the Lord (from Gates of Justice)

Burger, David,          Song (When I Am Dead)

Byrd, William,          An Earthly Tree

Caldwell, paul,          John the revelator

caldwell, Paul,          Lord's wonders at the exodus, the

Carter, John,          Psalm 100

Clemens,          Adoramus Te

Cobb, John,          London Street Cries

Copland, Aaron,          Stomp Your Foot

Copland, Aaron,          Have Mercy on My Soul

Copland, Aaron,          Sing Ye Praises to Our King

Copland, Aaron (arr. Fine),          I Bought Me a Cat

Copland, Aaron (arr. Fine),          Long Time Ago

Copland, Aaron (arr. Kaponen),          Zion's Walls

Corigliano, John,          Forever Young

Costeley, Guillaume,          Allons, gay bergeres

Dawson, William,          Ezekiel Saw the Wheel

Dawson, William ,          King Jesus is a-Listening

De Ritis, Anthony,          Dedication

Debussy, Claude,          O Praise Ye the Lord

Del Tredici, David,          Acrostic Song

Del Tredici, David,          Acrostic Song

Dello Joio, Norman,          Jubilant Song

Dello Joio, Norman,          Notes from Tom Paine

Dello Joio, Norman,          Song of the Open Road

Dering, Richard,          Dear Love, Be Not Unkind

Diemer, Emma Lou,          Three Madrigals

Dowe, Brent (arr. Jacobson),          Rivers of babylon, the

Dowland, John,          Come Again, Sweet Love

Dowland, John,          Say, Love

Dowland, John,          What if I Never Speede

Eisler, Hanns (arr. Jacobson),          Solidaritätslied

Ellman, Ziggy (arr. Jacobson),          And the Angels Sing

Esenvalds, Eriks,          Stars

Estevez,          Mata del anima sola

Fanshawe, David,          Kyrie (from African Sanctus)

Fanshawe, David,          Sanctus (from African Sanctus)

Farmer, John,          Fair Phyllis I Saw

Farmer, John,          Little Pretty Bonny Lass, A

Feinstein, Allen,          The Monastery at Skellig Michael

Fine, Irving,          Beautiful Soup

Fine, Irving,          Father William

Fine, Irving,          Lobster Quadrille

Fine, Irving,          Lullabye of the Duchess

Fine, Irving,          The Knave's Letter

Fine, Irving,          The White Knight's Song

Fine, Irving,          The White Lily

Fonseca,          Muié Rendera

Gabrieli, Giovanni,          Hodie Christus Natus Est

Gabrieli, Giovanni,          Jubilate Deo

Gabrieli, Giovanni,          Plaudite

Gardner, John,          Ballad of Nancy Dee

Gastoldi, Giovanni,          A lieta vita

Gastoldi, Giovanni,          amor vittorioso (tutti venite armati)

Gastoldi, Giovanni,          Tutti venite armati

Gastoldi, Giovanni,          Viver lieto

Geneva Psalter,          Psalm 100

Gershwin, George,          Dere's a Boat

Gershwin, George,          Doctor Jesus

Gershwin, George,          I Got Plenty O' Nothin'

Gershwin, George,          It Ain't Necessarily So

Gershwin, George,          Jolly Tar, The

Gershwin, George,          O Lawd, I'm on My Way

Gershwin, George,          Porgy and Bess, medley

Gershwin, George,          Sing of Spring

Gershwin, George,          Summertime

Gesualdo, Don Carlo,          Io Tacero

Gibbons, Orlando,          Cries of London, The

Gibbons, Orlando,          Silver Swan, The

Gjielo,          Serenity

Glick, Srul Irving,          Lenny

Gounod,          Domine Salvum Fac

Gregorian chant,          Alleluia, vidimus stellam

Gregorian Chant,          Lauda Jerusalem Dominum

Gyongyosi, Levente,          Gloria Kajoniensis

Hagemann, Phillip,          Space Age Canons

Hairston, Jester,          Great God A'Mighty

Hairston, Jester,          I'll Take Sugan in My Coffee-o

Handel, George F.,          Hallelujah Chorus

Handel, George F.,          Let Their Celestial Concerts All Unite

Hassler, Hans Leo,          Cantate Domino

Hawkins, Erskine,          Tuxedo Junction

Haydn, Franz J.,          Drinking Song (from The Seasons)

Haydn, Franz J.,          Yes and No

Haydn, Franz Joseph,          Eloquence

Haydn, Franz Joseph,          Everything in its Place

Haydn, Franz Joseph,          Harmony in Marriage

Haydn, Franz Joseph,          The Old Man

Hennagin, Michael,          Walking on the Green Grass

Hildegard,          Nunc gaudeant

Hildegard,          O Eterne Deus

Hildegard,          O Viridissima Virga

Holland II, M. Roger,          Lord Make Me an Instrument

Holländer, Friedrich  (arr. Jacobson),          Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt

Horvit, Michael.         Even When God Is Silent

Holst, Gustav,          Christmas Day

Hopkins, Sarah,          Past Life Melodies

Husa, Karel,          Festive Ode

Ives, Charles,          Childerns' Hour, The

Ives, Charles,          Christmas Carol, A

Ives, Charles,          Circus Band

Ives, Charles,          He Is There

Ives, Charles,          Majority

Ives, Charles,          Memories

Ives, Charles,          Old Home Day

Ives, Charles,          Psalm 67

Ives, Charles,          Serenity

Ives, Charles,          Son of a Gambolier

Ives, Charles,          Turn Ye

Jacobson, Joshua,          Fantasy on Civil War Songs

Jannequin, Clement,          Chant des Oiseaux, Le

Johnson, Hall,          Cert'n'y Lord

Johnson, Hall,          His Name So Sweet

Joplin, Scott,          Aunt Dinah

Joplin, Scott,          Good Advice

Joplin, Scott,          Real Slow Drag, A

Joplin, Scott,          We Will Rest A-While

Joplin, Scott,          We're Goin' Around

Kay, Ulysses,          A New Song

Kitteredge, Walter (arr. Berkey),          Tenting Tonight

Labes, Jeffrey,          Letters, the

Lasso, Orlando,          Echo Song

Lauridsen, Morten,          Dirait-on

Lauridsen, Morten,          Sure on This Shining Night

Lawes, Henry,          O Absolom, My Son

Le Jeune, Claude,          Reveci venir du Printemps

Lennon and McCartney (arr. Jacobson),          All You Need is Love

Lewandowski,          Ewiger

Lowe, William,          Creole Mantra

MacDermott, Galt,          Aquarius/ Let the Sunshine In

MacGimsey, Robert (arr. Cassey),          Shadrach

Madsen and Greene,          My Husband Was a Weatherman

Manhattan Transfer,          Until I Met You

Marcello, Benedetto,          Psalmo Decimoquinto

Maunder, J,          Praise the Lord O Jerusalem

Melvill, David,          Hey ho to the Greenwood

Melvill, David,          Musing

Melvill, David,          To Portsmouth

Melvin, Harold (arr. Jacobson),          Wake Up Everybody

Mendelssohn, Felix,          Heilig

Mendelssohn, Felix,          Heilig

Mendelssohn, Felix,          Jauchzet den Herren

Mendelssohn, Felix (arr. Willcocks),          Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Mercury, Freddie (arr. Jacobson),          Bohemian Rhapsody

Milhaud, Darius       Psaume 121 (Je me suis fondu de joie)

Monteverdi, Claudio,          Ave Maris Stella

Monteverdi, Claudio,          Damigela tutta bella

Monteverdi, Claudio,          Domine ad Adjuvandum and Dixit Dominus (from Vespers)

Monteverdi, Claudio,          Hor Ch'el Ciel e la Terra

Monteverdi, Claudio,          La violetta

Monteverdi, Claudio,          Lasciatemi morire

Monteverdi, Claudio,          T'amo mia vita

Moore, Undine Smith,          Daniel, Daniel

Morley, Thomas,          About the Maypole

Morley, Thomas,          Agnus Dei

Morley, Thomas,          April Is in My Mistress' face

Morley, Thomas,          Fire, Fire

Morley, Thomas,          My Bonnie Lass

Morley, Thomas,          Now Is the Month of Maying

Morley, Thomas,          Say, Gentle Nymphs

Morley, Thomas,          Shoot false Lov

Morley, Thomas,          Sing We and Chant It

Mozart, Wolfgang A,          laudate dominum (from Vespers)

Mozart, Wolfgang A.,          Ave Verum Corpus

Mozart, Wolfgang A.,          Bona Nox

Mozart, Wolfgang A.,          Maiden Turn Your Pretty Head

Mozart, Wolfgang A.,          Nightsong

Mozart, Wolfgang A.,          O du Eselhafter Martin

Mozart, Wolfgang A.,          On to Glory (from Cosi)

Mozart, Wolfgang A. (arr. Swingle),          Variations on "Ah vous dirais je, maman"

Msomi (arr. Page),          We Are Free

Nagel, Robert,          Triptych

Nystedt, Knut,          Immortal Bach

Offenbach, Jacques,          Beggars' Canon

Offenbach, Jacques,          Neighbors' Chorus

Pachelbel, Charles,          Magnificat

Parker, Alice,          Fare Thee Well

Parker, Alice,          Peter Gray

Parker, Alice,          Ridin' in a Buggy

Parker, Alice,          Street Corner Spirituals

Passereau,          Il est bel et bon

Pearsall, Robert,          Sing We and Chant It

Persichetti, Vincent,          Celebrations

Persichetti, Vincent,          jimmy's got a goil

Persichetti, Vincent,          sam was a man

Philips, Peter,          O beatam et sacrosanctam diem

Pilkington, Francis,          Amyntas With His Phyllis Fair

Pinkham, Daniel,          Evergreen

Pinkham, Daniel,          In the Beginning

Pitoni, Giuseppi,          Cantate Domino

Pottle, Sam,          Jabberwocky

Poulenc, Francis,          Hodie Christus natus est

Praetorius, Michael,          In dulci jubilo

Praetorius, Michael,          To Us Is Born Emmanuel

Praetorius, Michael (arr. Sandstrom),          Lo, how a rose e'er blooming

Price, Emmett,          Joyful Noise of Praise

Purcell, Henry,          I Gave her Cakes

Purcell, Henry,          O God, Thou Art  My God

Purcell, Henry,          One, Twice, Thrice

Purcell, Henry,          Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem

Rahbani, Assi & Mansour (arr. Jacobson),          Zahrat Al Madaen

Ravel, Maurice,          Trois Beaux Oiseaux

Read, Daniel,          Sherburne

Roberts, Leon,          Thank You, Lord

Rodgers, Richard,          Hello, Young Lovers

Rodgers, Richard,          It's a Grand Night for Singing

Rodgers, Richard,          My Favorite Things

Rodgers, Richard,          Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Rodgers, Richard,          Oklahoma

Rodgers, Richard,          People Will Say We're in Love

Rodgers, Richard,          Poor Jud is Daid

Rodgers, Richard,          Some Enchanted Evening

Rodgers, Richard,          Sound of Music, The 

Rodgers, Richard,          Surry with the Fringe on Top,The 

Rossi, Salamone,          Cor mio

Rossi, Salamone,          Correte Amanti

Rossi, Salamone,          Dir mi che piu non ardo

Rossi, Salamone,          I bei ligustri e rose

Rossi, Salamone,          Rimanti in Pace

Rossi, Salamone,          Se'l Leoncorno

Rossi, Salamone,          Spazziam

Rossi, Salamone,          Torna Dolce

Rossini, Gioacchino,          Ah dell' empio (from Moses)

Rossini, Gioacchino,          Comic Duet for Two Cats

Rutter, John,          Lord Bless You, the

Rutter, John,          Lord Make Me an Instrument

Rutter, John,          O Clap Your Hands

Rutter, John,          The Lord Bless You and Keep You

Rutter, John,          The Lord Bless You and Keep You

Ryder, Noah,          Bethlehem Lullabye

Scheidt, Samuel,          Ach, mein hezliebes Jesulein

Schmidt, Harvey,          Fantasticks, The

Schoenberg, Arnold (arr. Jacobson),          Mahnung

Schuman, William,          Free Song, A

Schuman, William,          Orpheus with His Lute

Schumann, Robert,          Zigeunerleben

Schütz, Heinrich,          Ach Herr

Schütz, Heinrich,          Danket dem Herren

Schütz, Heinrich,          Das Vaterunser

Schütz, Heinrich,          Erhoere mich

Schütz, Heinrich,          Jauchzet dem Herren

Schütz, Heinrich,          Jauchzet dem Herren

Schütz, Heinrich,          Jubilate Deo

Schütz, Heinrich,          O lieber Herre Gott

Slick, Grace (arr. Jacobson),          White Rabbit

Smith, Gregg,          Babel

Smith, Gregg,          Now I Walk in Beauty

Snyder, Leo,          Three Strange Angels

Spivery, William,          Operator

Starer, Robert,          A Song of Joys

Starer, Robert,          Break Forth into Joy

Starer, Robert,          Song of Thanksgiving

Starer, Robert,          the Last Invocation

Stewart, Slam (arr. Solomon),          Flat Foot Floogie, The

Sullivan, Sir Arthur,          H. M. S. Pianfore (excerpts)

Sulzer, Salomon,          Psalm 111 (Hallelujah)

Swern, P.,          SOS

Swingle, Ward,          Saints' Fugue

Tchaikovsky, Peter,          Peasants' Chorus (Eugene Onegin)

Telemann, George,          Laudate Jehovam

Tesson, William,          First Psalm, The

Thompson, Randall,          Alleluia

Thompson, Randall,          Glory to God in the Highest

Thompson, Randall,          Last Words of David, The

Toch, Ernst,          Geographical Fugue

Toussaint, A. R.,          Occapella

trad  (arr. deQuadros),          Adinu

trad  (arr. Jacobson),          Regle

trad (arr. Page),          Niska Banja

trad  (arr. Page),          There Is More Love Somewhere

trad  (arr. Shaw),          Coventry Carol

trad  (arr. Shimizu),          Sohran Bushi

trad  (arr. Willcocks),          God Rest You merry gentlemen

trad  (arr. Willcocks),          the first nowell

trad (arr. Aliabev),          Solovyem Zalyetnym

trad (arr. Brahms),          Da unten in tale

trad (arr. Brahms),          In stiller Nacht

Trad (arr. Caldwell),          Go Where I Send Thee

trad (arr. Dawson),          Every Time I Feel the Spirit

trad (arr. deQuadros),          Adinu

trad (arr. deCormier),          Obey the Spirit

Trad (arr. Eben),          Tancuj

trad (arr. Gearhart),          Dry Bones

Trad (arr. Hairston),          Amen

trad (arr. Hogan),          Battle of Jericho, the

Trad (arr. Jacobson),          Adijo Kerida

trad (arr. Jacobson),          Oh Mary Don't You Weep

trad (arr. Jacobson),          Papir Iz Dokh Vais

trad (arr. Jacobson),          Regle

trad (arr. Johnson),          Elijah Rock

trad (arr. Johnson),          Let de Heb'n Lite Shine on Me

trad (arr. Kittelson),          Glory Hallelujah to de New-Born KIng

trad (arr. Kolovski),          Na Gorushke

trad (arr. Livingston),          Frankee and Johnny

trad (arr. Martin),          Great Day

Trad (arr. Moore),          Rockin Jerusalem

trad (arr. Page),          There's Honey in the Rock

trad (arr. Paulus),          The Water Is Wide

trad (arr. Pokhorov),          Kalinka

trad (arr. Rutter),          Down by the Riverside

trad (arr. Shaw),          Go Down Moses

trad (arr. Shaw),          I Got Shoes

trad (arr. Shaw),          Many Moods of Christmas, The

trad (arr. Shaw),          Ride on King Jesus

trad (arr. Shaw),          Set Down Servant

trad (arr. Shaw),          Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

trad (arr. Smith),          Ride the Chariot

trad (arr. Thomas),          The Drinkin Gourd

trad (arr. Willcocks),          O Come All Ye Faithful

Vautor, Thomas,          Mother I Will have a Husband

Vecchi, Orazio,          Dolcissimo ben mio

Vecchi, Orazio,          Fa Una Canzona

Vecchi, Orazio,          Gioite Tutti

Vecchi, Orazio,          Tich tach toch

Victoria, Tomas,          Ave Maria

Victoria, Tomas,          O Magnum Mysterium

Walker, Gwyneth,          I Thank You God

Weelkes, Thomas,          Four Arms, Two Necks, One Wreathing

Whitacre, Eric,          Cloudburst

Whitacre, Eric,          Lux Arumque

Wilburg, Mack,          Cindy

Wilbye, John,          Adieu, Sweet Amaryllis

Williams, John,          Exsultate Justi

Zawinul, Joseph,          Birdland

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