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I want to thank you and applaud you profusely for your weekend here as Scholar-in-Residence. … Your presentations throughout the weekend were received warmly, so much so that people were talking about your visit for some time afterwards. … Your lecture was interesting and informative without being too heavy. It was a great introduction to the topic, especially for the non-informed, … your presentation style is polished and captivating. On a more personal level, people were drawn to you by your intelligence, your warmth and your sense of humor.


We've been hearing much positive feedback, such as, "that was the best Shabbaton weekend we've ever had at Aliyah," "Prof. Jacobson was amazing," "I could listen to him speak a hundred more times and not be bored." Needless to say, you were very, very, well received — which I was certain would be the case.



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